Traditional Funeral

Funeral practices are influenced by religious and cultural traditions, costs and personal preferences. These factors help determine whether the funeral will be simple or elaborate, public or private, religious or secular, and the location in which it will be held. They also influence whether the body will be present at the funeral, if there will be a viewing or visitation, and whether the remains will be buried or cremated following the services.

It is important to remember that funerals are for the living. The type of service and how you personalize the service is the meaningful experience that helps us begin a healthy grieving process. Additionally, a service affords the opportunity for friends and associates to express their sympathy and to show their support.


Traditional Funeral

This type of funeral is the most commonly selected service. It is often referred to by funeral providers as a "traditional" funeral and usually includes an evening of visitation, a formal funeral service, use of a hearse to transport the body to the funeral site and then to the cemetery for burial, entombment or cremation of the remains, and generally is followed by a meal and time of sharing. We believe in the traditional funeral because it often best serves the needs of family and friends. By visually paying our respects to our loved one, it enables us to acknowledge that the death has occurred. It is through this acknowledgement that we can then take the next step towards a healthy grieving process.

The traditional funeral service may include the following:

  • Professional support and administrative staff assistance
  • Embalming
  • Dressing, cosmetology and other care of the deceased
  • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Use of visitation rooms
  • Funeral service
  • Use of funeral coach
  • Utility car
  • Casket
  • Outer Burial Container
  • Register book
  • Acknowledgment cards
  • Memorial folders or prayer cards

Generally, a member of the clergy or other person chosen by the family conducts a service of remembrance. We encourage the active participation of the family in helping plan this part of the service. Many times family members take part by giving a reading, singing or assisting the clergy.

As should be expected in quality funeral service, we will coordinate the details with the people at your church, including the pastor, custodian, lunch chairperson, usher chairman, and audio/video technician. We will respect, however, if a family wishes to contact the church or pastor directly.

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